June 13, 2020

Possible positives of Covid-19

For society

  • It’s probably bad enough to wake the world up to existential risk, without being really, really bad (i.e. something like Ebola, or something that primarily kills young people)
  • We will hopefully invest in more robust infrastructure
  • The lockdown has reduced emissions, and if we stick with some of the habits (like more online gatherings) it could be good for climate change
  • Remote work and events opens opportunities to be more inclusive (e.g. for people with disabilities, in different countries, or with caring responsibilities)

For me

  • Lots of time writing, thinking, Deep-work catching up on life debt
  • I’ve been eating healthily, and exercising regularly
  • Because everyday is very similar, I can run more controlled personal experiments
  • I’m saving more money, and buying cheap stocks
  • I can practice setting up and getting into positive routines (like a consistent bedtime)
  • I’m getting to try working from home, which I like. No commute, less distractions, in control of my time
  • Seeing far away friends and family more, since everyone is having to meet remotely now anyway
  • More quality time with family
  • Getting better at making tasty food out of store cupboard ingredients
  • Less FOMO
  • Getting to attend events outside my area that are normally local but are now online

Updated Sep, 24 2020