September 18, 2020

I went for a walk today! So happy the air is better again.

I also spent a while learning mustache and figuring out how to customize things on blot. My posts now say when they were last updated 🎉

I watched a video on journaling with Roam and got some interesting ideas - I particularly liked the prompt:

What happened today that has happened on no previous day?

This is particularly challenging in the time of lockdown when so many days look the same, but it encourages us to notice little novelties. I can’t really think of a good answer for today - of course there are many things that haven’t happened before if you get super specific, but I feel like that’s not the point.

Actually I can think of something: our tax accountant finished amending our tax returns, but when he calculated his fee for the work, it was around twice the money we saved from the amended return. He therefore offered to do it for free. This didn’t seem fair on him, so I countered by offering to pay the amount we saved. We went back and forth a little, him offering to charge less and me offering to pay more. Never thought I’d find myself haggling to pay an accountant more 😂

This morning I attended a Zoom Q&A for organizers of NeurIPS workshops - it talked us through using SlidesLive which was super helpful as I’ve never used it before. Seems like a cool system. I also filled out a loooooong survey on the EA community.

I found a load of new near-future sci-fi books to read by looking at the replies to this tweet. I’ve increased my reading this year which is great - though I do feel a bit paralyzed by choice when I look at my Kindle library now…

Yesterday we bought some new dumbbells - 22lb each. On the way home, we decided to stop off at Honor cafe - they’ve turned their parking lot into an outdoor dining area - super cute! I liked the music.

Updated Sep, 18 2020